Press Releases



I am a singer songwriter living in South Wales. I am known predominantly for being the singer/guitarist and one of the songwriters in Lost Tuesday Society. It felt about time I write and record a solo album. 


It’s been a long time coming really with regards to making a solo album. Having been a large part of the writing process with Lost Tuesday Society there have been many other songs that i’ve written over the years that just didn’t feel quite like LTS songs. 


 I was so lucky to get the Mavron string quartet to perform on 4 songs from the album with the wonderful help of Sebastian Goldfinch and his string arrangements. I wanted to make an impact and the strings have lifted those songs into another realm. I love films and how the music can absolutely capture a mood or an ambience and I have always been a fan of strings and orchestral arrangement. It’s a musical jealousy really, that i never learnt a string instrument. With this is mind I’ve added my own electronic, programmed and instrumental parts to the record so It’s been a lesson in production as well. 

The single I chose to release first ‘ The Rain Dance’ is probably my most emotive.  For the most part I have asked close friends to participate on the album as I’m surrounded by talented musicians. My friend Joel Morgan, of King Goon features heavily on the album and is essentially a character in the narrative of the whole thing. Also on the album are a choir of friends; Kate Ronconi, Helen Banham, Rhiannedd Collins. Dale Ryan trumpet, Rich Jordan on drums and  Ed Purcell on double bass. The release is with Death Monkey Records and Dave MIlsom recorded, mixed and produced the record.


With original artwork by the brilliant local Swansea artist ‘Fran Williams’ The album was released on 19th April 2019 and with the amazing musicians I’ve been lucky enough to help me with this; I played  a number of larger shows to showcase the album as well as smaller more intimate acoustic performances in some quirky venues. My favourite being the beautiful Brecon Cathedral.

The new EP Old Money New Money is a further development again in my song writing. Recorded predominantly in lock dow of 2020 and 2021 I have been writing a lot more on keyboard and using midi instruments as well as guitar. Using the skills I learnt from the first album it has been fun to establish myself as a studio artist for this EP as I have had little chance to gig them live. The narrative for the EP is more hopeful and joyous than the last one while still trying to maintain a story telling style. The first single from the EP  Old Money New Money is perhaps the darkest story and I hope impactful. It has drama and tension that I am drawn to in songwriting. I am joined once again by Kate Ronconi and Joel Morgan. They are a musical team that add so much to arrangement and dynamics. Kates strings are sublime and I enjoy playing live with them, its always a real pleasure.  To be released through Death Monkey Records and produced again by the brilliant Dave Milsom who instinctively knows now how I work and my sound. I intend to also produce my own original artwork for the EP. 

I am very proud of the work I have produced so far and hope to continue to grow and improve and challenge myself. I hope that people will like it.